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A holistic solution to track project status, costs,
resource utilizations, and project profitability, along with alerts and notifications.


FOURA'AI PROJECTS enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects, and maintain real-time project status, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each engagement. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, reduced non-billable efforts, reduced expenses, and more satisfied clients.


Project Milestones helps to define, track and measure the progress and performance of a project. To manage complex projects, this system provides powerful, fast, and extremely easy-to-use interface to create and mark specific milestones along the project timeline.

  Reduce financial risk
  Optimal usage of resources
  Track with Gantt chart and real-time reports
  Integrated with Payroll & HRMS systems
  Easy to plan and manage your projects
  Breakdown projects into multiple tasks
  Keep track of all progress


Effective documentation lays the foundation for quality, traceability and history of individual documents and complete project documentation as we do!


Task assignment to various resources can be done effectively, ensuring optimal resource utilization through our solution.

Finance Management

Integrated view of data from all financial and accounting systems for complete status of financial status of multiple projects.


Travel expense against each employee/project is captured for calculating total project costing.


Updates aids the key leads to track recent project updates, issues, and critical highlights of a running project

Timesheet Entry
& Approval

Employee’s daily tasks on the projects assigned for the given time period can be updated.

Updates aids the key leads to track recent project updates, issues, and critical highlights of a running project,The task status is highlighted in different colours depending on the action by the reporting authority.

We deliver 360 degree visibility into project performance over the entire lifecycle of a project as well as across projects.

Invoice & Collections

Easily and efficiently manage and analyze project financials with FOURA'AI PROJECTS. FOURA'AI Project accounting and billing functionality provides powerful tools to perform these processes across multiple offices and mobile employees.

FOURA'AI Project accounting and billing functionality provides comprehensive solution to perform these processes on projects that span multiple business units.

Track planned versus actual costs with top-down and bottom-up project budgeting and capitalization, expense, and chargeback accounting.

Our Project Report Solution provides powerful metrics, alerts, intuitive dashboards, reports and analytics on milestones, resources, billing, project costing, budget, timesheet and travel to project executives, project managers, and project accountants.



FOURA'AI Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise, with the ability to cross currency and organizational boundaries. Line managers are empowered with timely, detailed cost information such as timesheet data, travel expense and onsite allowance to monitor project performance in a format that optimizes their productivity—while financial managers track the total cost of running the business.


Project Security

User Access Controls allows stakeholders to assign Users to Groups such
as Manager, Programmer to configure the rights for each Group to control
what they have access to.


Project Management

Detailed view of the Status Shown for every projects

Budget Indicator

Costing Management enables teams to track detailed cost incurred against budget.

Invoice & Collections

Admin has the rights to monitor the usage of the application.