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makes it easier to catalog assets and track asset movements
to different locations of the organization.


FOURA'AI Assets is designed to manage and control all fixed assets of a company. It centrally manages multiple categories of assets information where they are located, who uses them, and all details associated to each asset item. A complete product which helps user to categorize the assets, register, print barcode and track using the barcode enabled mobile devices.

  Comprehensive Asset Database
  Track & Manage Asset
  Asset Warranty & Contracts
  Asset Depreciation & Retirement
  Asset Audit
  Dashboard & Real-time Reports
  Integration with Finance Fixed
  Assets Register

Track & Manage Assets
on the Go!

Enables transfer of assets across business units, Individuals with in an organisation. Warranty & Contracts allows organisation to manage & keep track of maintenance information of its Assets. Effectively plans depreciated assets into retirement and creates value to the organisation.

  Assign to Individuals and Departments
  Barcode Tracking
  Track Asset Location and Lifespan
  Track Warranty Information
  Helps reduce asset depreciation
  Be aligned with IT compliance standards
  Manage retired assets
  Control Costs – Resell Assets

Asset Database

The Centralized Asset Database provides a common store and tracks organizational assets physically and financially. Maintaining asset identifying information within a common repository allows sharing asset data across the organization.

  Reduce financial risk
  Create bulk entries from ERP system
  Barcode Generation
  Create & Manage multiple configurations
  Centralized Repository
  Search Assets
  View Asset Info

Asset Warranty
& Depreciation

Calculate the annual depreciation based on the asset's life, depreciable cost basis, placed-in-service date, and any depreciation limits that you specify.

Also Keep track of any warranties that you might have, which assets they cover,the period of coverage, the cost of the warranty, and so forth.

FOURA'AI Assets automates asset management and simplifies accounting tasks. Standard management tasks-such as asset transfers, disposals and reclassifications. Standard accounting, operational and registry reports are available to ease reconciliation and analysis


Asset Audit

Enables organisation to manage its Asset portfolio and make better asset related decisions. Have an updated IT inventory of workstations and software assets to reduce the cost of administrating your IT assets, improve security and ensure you are always ready for your next IT audit. Reduce IT costs by better managing and administrating your IT assets. Ensure software compliance by knowing what you have and what you use.


Procure Assets

Provides Better Insights on Asset procurement

Assets Locationwise

Track your assets on locationwise with the help of live traceable information.

Barcode Access

Scanning with the help of Barcode gives all information about the assets.