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Reshape Your Project Management with FOURA'AI PROJECTS.

FOURA'AI Employee’s Profile Manager

Delivers comprehensive employee data management capabilities and easy global deployment to lower administrative costs associated with employee profile management.

Maintain division, department, allowances, grades and currencies while ensuring that data changes comply with your organization's security requirements—slashing administrative effort and increasing data integrity.

FOURA'AI Project Reports is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data in any environment on any device.

Our Project Report Solution provides powerful metrics, alerts, intuitive dashboards, reports and analytics on milestones, resources, billing, project costing, budget, timesheet and travel to project executives, project managers, and project accountants.

We deliver 360 degree visibility into project performance over the entire lifecycle of a project as well as across projects.

FOURA'AI Project Security

Users Access Controls allows stakeholders to assign Users to Groups such as Manager, Programmer and configure the rights for each Group to control what they have access to.

FOURA'AI Travel Desk

Now your employees can easily update travel dates, purpose of travel and cost of a trip. After the details are entered and saved, they are sent to the respective managers for approval. Managers can approve travel requests from their smartphone or tablet device, speeding the process along. Employees can also request a cash advance as part of the travel request process, enabling all approvals to occur simultaneously. With FOURA'AI Travel desk, you can ensure planned expenses are approved before the actual spend takes place.

Asset Audit

Have an updated IT inventory of workstations and software assets to reduce the cost of administrating your IT assets, improve security and ensure you are always ready for your next IT audit.

Reduce IT costs by better managing and administrating your IT assets.Ensure software compliance by knowing what you have and what you use.

Align IT with business goals to support business decisions such as license purchasing or renewals.

Improve productivity by empowering the IT administration team to easily track and manage assets and their changes.