10 Reasons, why you need to start using Foura’ai Product Suite today?

With the experience of a decade in ERP solutions, 4i Apps solutions is introducing Foura’ai product suite, set of world-class products which will help small and medium business around the world. Foura’ai Product suite comprises of Project Management System, Incident management System and Asset Management System. HRMS and CRM products are in ideation phase which will be joining with Foura’ai product family in near future.

Foura’ai product suite is designed and developed in such a way to simplify the complexity of your business with the best features in a affordable price

1.It’s that simple

All the application of Foura’ai product suite offers robust features to meet all the business requirements. Foura’ai Product suite is that simple as it can be readily used by IT users and Business users. The users may needn’t to refer bunch of User Manuals to use the Foura’ai product suite, first time user can also navigate the application at ease. The user interface is crafted as much as simple from setup to the configuration.

2. In-built customizations

Though many vendors are offering hundreds of standard functionalities, it may not align with the unique process of your business. When you deploy Foura’ai product suite, it comes with inbuilt customization options without an IT team on your back end.

3. All in one solution

Foura’ai offers set of applications, you can deploy it as an integrated suite or as a standalone application according to your business.

4. Store more than you want

It is a one-time investment when you go with Foura’ai product suite and need not to plan for a separate document management. With advanced storage capabilities, you would be able to capture all your Projects related documents at one place

5. Handle your Today & Tomorrow as well

All the application in the Foura’ai product suite is developed by keeping future business requirements as well in mind

6. Comprehensive support

Dedicated support for the deployed application is one of the greatest anticipation of customers around the market. With the Foura’ai suite in your business premises, you needn’t to have a separate team to manage the application. Foura’ai offers comprehensive support service to the applications 24 x 7 around the year.

7. No hidden costs

When you deploy Foura’ai product suite, there is complete freedom to opt from multiple packages which suits your business. Foura’ai won’t jolt you with the hidden cost. The flexible pricing may provide you an added advantage to your 0rganization’s fiscal budget

8. Deploy on the go

Foura’ai product suite deployment won’t make you to wait long. With shortest span of time, it will go-live to increase your business productivity. Everything can be taken care by Foura’ai from implementation to data migration.

9. Your security is our priority

Foura’ai ensures the application security with secured authentication process and the data protection also enabled to avoid vulnerabilities.

10. Choose your choice

Unlike other products, Foura’ai don’t have the limitations on deploying the application. It can be deployed either on cloud or on-premise based on the choice of the customers.