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Foura’ai CRM is a robust solution to streamline
the sales process which helps the Sales consultants and C-Level team to manage all the sales activities.


Foura’ai CRM is a robust solution to streamline the sales process which helps the Sales consultants and C-Level team to manage all the sales activities which includes Accounts management, Leads management, Opportunities management, Territories management, Target of Sales Representatives, Reports and more at ease.


In the Leads, the Sales consultants would be able to create and manage the lead with the Account details, Contact details, Lead status, and etc. The source of the lead can be identified and classified as below according to the client requirement.Each lead can be monitored and tracked with unique lead number and qualified lead can be converted into opportunity.

 Cold call
 Customer referral
  Direct mail

Accounts & Contacts

The Customer relationship management starts with Account & Contact management. For each customer, account can be created and multiple point of contacts can be added and managed. Accounts & Contacts are the master data for other modules like leads and opportunities.


After evaluating the lead, the qualified leads can be converted as opportunity with the Account, Territory, Opportunity value and Service information.In the Opportunities, Users can also manage the probability of the closure and tentative closure date. It helps to analyze the sales projection effectively. Competitors for the particular opportunity can also be added and managed effectively.


Since every business organization has multiple sales structure based on regions, territories & Business units, Foura’ai CRM territory module helps the organization to classify the sales territories based on various parameters according to the customer’s needs.

& Reports

Foura’ai CRM offers a user-friendly dashboard where all the key information such as Quarter wise opportunities details, Sales Revenue by Sales representatives, Opportunities status, Sales Pipeline with the graphical representation.Prebuilt drill down reports is configured for each module of Foura’ai CRM. It helps the C-Level users to analyze the sales progress of the organization.



Foura’ai people has the advanced reporting functionality
for the following reports with drill down approach



Foura’ai People allows setting high-level goals for the entire organization,To facilitate the appraisal process, the application provides the key indicators of an employee’s performance such as the key performing areas, its metrics and the targets achieved from the scheduled activities.



Foura’ai suite comes with in-built customization option to align with your unique sales process

Intuitive Dashboard

Prebuilt Reports with Drill down facilities & Intuitive Dashboards.

CRM on the GO

Access the roles assignment, services definition, products definition, branding at ease with help of the mobile app.