FOURA’AI PROJECTS – a Holistic Project Management Solution

A project is successful when comprehensive updates are given, like FOURA’AI PROJECTS. It provides management solutions at each step keeping key people of the organization in loop

Operational and Strategic Excellence in Multiple
Project Management with FOURA’AI PROJECTS

Multiple projects are handled with ease providing real time centrally integrated information. The project statuses are known to the organization’s key personnel anytime, anywhere!



To have complete control of projects across the organization is Foura’ai Projects’s key feature. Our holistic project management solution manages multiple projects and gives updated statuses.

Multi-project management

enables strategic and operational multi-project management

Simple implementation, use and access

straightforward and easy to use application

Document management

efficient tools for creation and tracking of project documents

Real-time information

centralized dashboard that reflects current project status for informed decisions

Centrally integrated data

centralized access to project related data

Resource management

enables optimal resource utilization across projects


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