ERP / BI Implementation

ERP / BI Implementation

ERP remains the key to integrating different functions of an Enterprise, ensuring a structured automated process from start to finish and enabling critical decision making and reporting. Absence of a good ERP, unsuccessful ERP implementation all can result in loss of enormous amount of resources like time, money , handicap in optimum decision making and user dissatisfaction on automation.

We have perfected the services delivery having developed our unique methodology from our internal pool of competence, expertise and experience. The Planning, Solution design and Delivery phases have been completely analyzed and a structured process established. We have also realized that user confidence and acceptance also remain vital for a successful ERP Implementation and address this by educating them on need and importance of ERP, training them on the application, detailing the various aspects, involving them actively throughout the cycle and equipping with excellent self-explanatory reference guides to ensure their wholehearted acceptances. We ensure the entire process is always well documented to every detail so that recollection at any later date is readily facilitated. Our strength has always been the demonstration of sound product and business knowledge shown from the customer point of view and always see the Value that the proposed system will bring into the Organization.

Oracle under the Business Intelligence portfolio offers a range of tools to simplify End User Reporting and enable e powerful analysis for Management decision. We offer entire gamut in ERP consulting spanning

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4i Apps follows OUM®(Oracle Unified Methodology) for ERP/BI implementations and customizations. An ITIL based framework is put in place for the support processes. The delivery organization is certified with ISO 9001:2008 standards by the British Standards Institute India.